We are a full service

Technology Consultant

What we do?

We enable our Clients to become more agile and competitive through the innovative use of technology, people and processes. We believe that the right technology and professionals can not only solve your immediate problems, but also make your business more efficient and flexible to help you open up entire new possibilities.

We deliver innovative and highly responsive solutions that help clients match effective IT strategy with their business goals. As a one-stop IT provider, we provide a full portfolio of services such as IT Consulting, Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing including Big Data Analytics, IT training as well as Web and Application Development and Management.

Why choose us?

Finding the right technology consultant that can provide solutions that are cost-effective can feel overwhelming, especially if you don’t have the deep pockets and the specialized staff within your organization. Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals has time and again proved that innovation emphasized solutions and staffing can add immense value to any business.

We, at Synapse Tech Services, are unswerving about providing services and project deliverables with near-zero-defect quality and within client timelines. The steadfast aim of our leadership team, to benchmark our services and processes alongside internationally recognized standards, ensures that our divisions are comprised of highly motivated employees who work with the same level of passion and commitment

What is our mission?

To provide technology reinforcement for the right business ideas at the right time and place them amongst the emergent and influential global enterprises in their industry.
To be an ‘Integrated IT Solutions Provider’ who customers can consult to strategize their IT needs and utilize our extensive knowledge to connect the technology loose-ends in their business

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