We help you make managing your hotel hassle free!

One-Stop Hotel Management

iHotel is a multifunctional cloud-based application that brings under one roof all the tools that small and midsized hotels need to compete with players across the hospitality industry. Business owners can now manage everything from bookings & revenue to inventory & personnel management to customer service & physical property maintenance.

The iHotel Advantage

With iHotel, we see promise in developing a cutting-edge product to achieve multiple objectives that can optimize operations such as planning, management, customer service, physical property maintenance & bookings. The product aims to create a robust digital setting for improvised hotel management to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction. Benefits of the product as seen by us.

  • Improved resource and personnel management saving business time and money
  • Ease of meeting customer needs right from the point of sale to check out
  • Increased company revenue through proper resource allocation and management
  • Sophisticated management of staff by automatically clocking in service time
  • Employee feedback & monetary tips from the customer at checkout motivates employees and enhances service

  • Allows cost effective and efficient hotel management that allows the business owner to compete with players in the industry
  • Full monitoring and audit trail for reporting of inventory, staff performance, booking related data, customer feedback etcetera
  • Allows for management to monitor up to five properties at the maximum at a nominal cost
  • Provides management with data to tailor services and adapt to trends in the competitive hotel industry
  • Service provided free of cost for the first six months following which subscriptions may be done on a yearly basis